Positive things of Covid 19

April 03, 2020

Positive things of Covid 19

Covid 19 is making the world “crazy”, it is not only affecting the global economy but also causing damage to many trades. In negative things besetting, Covid 19 also brings positive effects that just only Covid 19 can do it.

Let's explore the positives in the negative to Vietnam with CityHouse.


1. Multimedia communications:

The frequency of Covid 19 information is dense on all newspapers, forums, news or even being streamed on television. That has provided every citizen has an awareness of disease's danger so they can prevent it in time. The constant spread of official information has dispelled all news "hearsay" to bewildered public opinion.



2. Community power 

Facing difficulties, the Vietnamese are more solidarity and stronger than ever, such as the rescue agricultural before closing the border has helped Vietnam agricultural rise to a new level. Application of technology to bring agriculture into food such as dragon fruit bread, coconut coconut noodles, or closer to dragon fruit jelly ... Not stopping there, many



3. Precious experience:

This isn't the first time the world has faced an epidemic, but this is the first time that an epidemic has affected the world as much as Covid 19. In front of the epidemic, every business has a steel spirit to fight, this is considered as a valuable "vaccine" for businesses to have more experience to deal with the crisis.



4. Timely action:

Fortunately, Vietnam is one of the countries with the lowest case in the world. The issuing Directive No. 16 "Social distancing" is considered a timely action to reduce the infection of Covid 19, which may increase day by day.



5. Environment and surrounding lifestyle:

If say Covid 19 is a human enemy, it is extremely gentle with nature. Pollution rate has decreased significantly because vehicles are already falling by more than 75% compared to the past in some big cities. Having time at home, saving money from entertainment activities. Daily life seems to be slower for feeling everything around.


Everything has positive and negative, but we should concentrate on the positive to bring yourself a positive spirit, all good things will come to you. Let together we protect each other.

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